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Welcome to Greece!

Greece is a country in southeastern Europe with thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. Influential in ancient times, it’s often called the cradle of Western civilization. Athens, its capital, retains landmarks including the 5th-century B.C. Acropolis citadel with the Parthenon temple. Greece is also known for its beaches, from the black sands of Santorini to the party resorts of Mykonos.

Greece, the southernmost of the nations of the Balkan PromontoryTopography has enormously affected the country’s improvement. Mountains truly limited inside communications, but the ocean opened up more extensive skylinesThe entire arrival range of Greece (one-fifth of which is made up of the Greek islands) is comparable in measure to Britain or the U.S. state of Alabama.

Greece has more than 2,000 islands, of which almost 170 are possessed; a few of the easternmost Aegean islands lie fair many miles off the Turkish coast. The country’s capital is Athens, which extended quickly within the moment half of the 20th century. Attikí (old Greek: Attica), the range around the capital, is presently domestic to approximately one-third of the country’s whole populace. 

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