Requirements to go on a Cruise in the US with the Current Pandemic Situation.

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What are the requirements to go on a Cruise in the US  with the Current Pandemic Situation ?

Planning a Group Cruise , what you must Know. Please read this Very Important.

Due to the existing restrictions that exist currently traveling during a pandemic if you are planning to embark on a group cruise to any of the sea cruise carriers please be sure to know the following information:

1.Everyone has to be vaccinated these days to be allowed on a cruise ship including children.These days, even children who are eligible for vaccination are required to be vaccinated before boarding the ship depending on the cruise-liner as each cruise-liner have their guidelines. Also worthy of note to be eligible as vaccinated status, your trip must be after a minimum period of 14 days after your second dose of vaccine, meaning you must have been vaccinated 14 days post 2nd dose before you are allowed entry to be boarded. Also find out if your travel insurance covers your cancellation fee in case you decide to cancel your trip.

2. Do your PCR test ahead of time. We recommend you find places that give fast results on the PCR tests, and we advise passengers to locate these places ahead of time & make an appointment. Also find out from the cruise-liner the amount of days pre-boarding you are required to test negative before on-boarding.

3. Also with uncertainty on COVID cases, certain trips might be cancelled during the voyage so anyone taking a trip during this period must be prepared to understand there are COVID risks, especially with the new variants as certain trips might be cancelled after boarding or during voyage.

4.Every traveler including kids must have an up to date passport for travel. Also check if you have eligibility for TSA pre-check/global entry status. On the passports, we recommend that you are good on passport expiration date for at least 6 months AFTER your return date, as many destinations require that. Some nationalities might have visa restrictions to any of the countries the cruise might be sailing to so you must confirm with a travel agent or with the cruise-liner if your nationality is eligible for free entry or if an entry visa is required prior to boarding.

5. Every traveler is recommended to have travel insurance before sailing especially with whats going on with the pandemic. Do you have any pre-existing health condition ? add it to the travel insurance so that in cases of outbreaks or health emergencies, you could receive medical treatments without hindrances. Also find out if your travel insurance covers your cancellation fee in case you decide to cancel your trip.